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iOpted for Sales at Body Science The Gym

Delivering Profitability!

How iOpted CRM helped a new age Gym in standing out from the Crowded space of Health Clubs and Gyms and getting higher than expected sales.

Overview & Challenge

Body Science The Gym is a new age, state of the art Gym in Mumbai, the venture being started by professionals who have been in the Industry and having already made high investments in setting up the Gym, wanted software solutions that will be cost effective and easy to use by their Support Staff, Management Staff, Trainers and Members too.

The available existing solutions in the Market were either little too old, little to expensive, and way too complex, restricted to use only on Computers and not available on Smart Phones and Notepads, restricting their use while on the move.


iOpted for Sales, our suite for Social Integration and Sales Management, helped Body Sciencey The Gym,to acquire leads from Facebook apart from their existing / planned sales channels and helped them acquire comparatively much higher conversion then their expectation.

With the help of iOpted CRM, Body Science the Gym, was, right at the beginning of their business, able to set processes driven to acquire maximum sales and build a very promising lead pipeline.

iOpted SMS Engine and iOpted Customer Support pack ensured that the Gym Members / Enquirers always felt the personal touch which Body Science The Gym firmly belives in, This was achived not just for a handful of customers, but for few hundreds!.

Solution Details

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • SMS Engine
  • CRM - iOpted for Fitness!
Client : Body Science The Gym
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