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Delivering Profitability! is a business centric company.

Our focus is on delivering products / services / solutions to our customers / clients which assists them manage their business and business processes effectively and efficiently. In an age when effectively and efficiency are subjective and affected by external factors such as policy changes, people challenges etc… remaining profitable is an art.

At iOpted we aim to build a profitable company by providing our customers solutions that are cost effective and address their needs at each level of their growth in business.

We would love to brag about ourselves and tell a lot more about how we started, why we started , what challenges we faced [not many :)] why we chose the name iOpted for our product, but we would love even more to showcase these in person.

Contact our experts to know what we can do for your business / organization / company.


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  • I am a Gym Professional, and have been in the Industry quite some time, Over the years I've worked on quite a few software for Gyms, I am yet to come across something as amazing yet so simple to use.

    ~Santosh Singh
    Body Science The Gym
  • Me being a travelling Businessmen it was important that the software worked well on my notepads or mobile phones too. I was already sold when you showed me how well it works on my Windows Phone and my Android Notepad. It beats hands down, all the other softwares for Gym I had seen and used yet!

    ~Mohsin Merchant
    Defy Genetics The Gym
  • Having multiple sales office at multiple locations in India, it was difficult to keep a track of the hundreds of customers and their services / AMC / Support requests. Your software has really streamlined our service process and true to your word, it does deliver Profits! We wish you all the luck! You guys are sure to go a long way!

    ~Nitin Shinde
    Neo Tracking and Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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