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iOpted CRM at Neo Tracking and Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Delivering Profitability!

How iOpted CRM helped a Distribution Company in achieving their Sales Targets.

Overview & Challenge

Neo Tracking and Power Systems is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified company, having over 7 offices across India, they had been in the business for over a decade and over the years had acquired a huge number of clients / customers to buy their Power Management products across the country.

They needed a system which will keep a track of their customers, their products purchased, their product services, product AMCs track record, doing it manually was a strict No and virtually impossible.


iOpted CRM provided the automated solutions to Neo Tracking and Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. with a central repository of customer / client records, their entire product purchase cycle, the product services / AMCs track records, their payment cycles for AMCs, complaints / support registrations etc...

While they were able to increase the customer satisfaction by vastly improving the quality and time of free / paid service, they were also able to figure out the products which the customers called in for, with maximum support request, hence improving on the product delivery too.

Solution Details

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • SMS Engine
  • CRM - iOpted CRM!
Client : Neo Tracking and Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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