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iOpted for Efficiency at World Space Broadband Services

Delivering Efficiency!

How iOpted CRM helped an Internet Service Provider replace most of the manual tasks and automate them resulting in higher customer satisfaction, faster customer payment cycles and overall increase in Organizational efficiency and profitability.

Overview & Challenge

Worldspace Broadband Services is an Internet Service Provider in the suburbs of Mumbai. Being in the business for almost a decade, and having an existing customer based running into few thousands, majority of whom pay monthly fees for their Internet services.

Worldspace was finding it challenging to manage the customer support request, payment collections, and to track monthly renewal request. Managing these manually was affecting their Business badly, they needed to automate soon!


iOpted for Efficiency, our suite for Customer Support, helped Worldspace, in managing the customer support requests and package renewals, clubbed with our SMS Engine which promised a personal touch with Worldspace's existing customers and assured of prompt services.

In just about a month's time Worldspace was able to get the customer support request turn around time to less than a day as opposed to over 3 Days initially, resulting in faster payment cycles

At the same time, our website solutions and SEO, got them more clients online, which was non-existent earlier

Solution Details

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • SMS Engine
  • CRM - iOpted for Efficiency!
Client : WorldSpace Broadband Services
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