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iOpted CRM at Big Money Financial Services

Delivering Profitability!

How iOpted CRM helped a Financial Services Company is achieving their Sales Targets.

Overview & Challenge

Big Money Financial Services is a provider of financial services / products. The market is really competitive and staying on the top meant quick services / product delivery for Big Money Financial Services.

Being in the Financial Services Industry, they work closely with Sales Agents based on commissions. Agents form a major Sales Channel for Big Money Financial Services, upselling products to the existing customers was almost non-existent, primarily because of the large number of applications / enquiries they receive.


iOpted CRM helped Big Money Financial Services in managing their leads pipeline and view the closure projections based on the category / type of products.

Big Money Financial Services was able to provide tools to even their agents to track, manage their leads base, reduce conversion time, increase sales by acquiring new customers and up-selling products based on the customer profile and possibility of them buying other Financial Services / Products.

Solution Details

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • SMS Engine
  • CRM - iOpted CRM!
Client : Big Money Financial Services
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